A~~Z- Bennie Maupin – Slow Traffic to the Right

BennieMaupin_SlowTraffic“Bennie Maupin takes comparatively contemporary looks at his pair of contributions to Herbie Hancock’s Crossings and is joined by two fellow and key vets of that session: Eddie Henderson and Dr. Pat Gleeson. (Also on board: Patrice Rushen, Blackbird McKnight, Ralph Armstrong.) A barely recognizable “Water Torture” is tightened from 14 to five minutes, anchored by a pliant rhythm. “Quasar,” the finale, isn’t as drastically overhauled but is made to sound more like a theme. Much of this is due to the change in Gleeson’s role. On Crossings, his synthesizer interjections are delivered as effect-like enhancements; here, his machines hurl a vein-melting crescendo of synthesized strings that double with actual strings. Like Maupin’s other two ’70s albums, Jewel in the Lotus (ECM) and Moondreams (Mercury), Slow Traffic to the Right has never been released on CD.” (Boom Ping Ping)

Absolutely killing. “It Remains to be Seen” is a funk classic.

“You know the deal” is a sampler’s dream…

“Water Torture” is a sampler’s dream revealed…

You like?

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