Try, try again…

I am very much excited about the release of Brad Mehldau’s new record Highway Rider. This might be kind of silly because it’s Mehldau’s newest release of all his own compositions and his second produced by Jon Brion, and I actually haven’t enjoyed his own compositions as much as his interpretations of others, and I was not much of a fan of his and Brion’s last collaboration. That being said, I am a huge fan of both Brion and Mehldau, so I can have hope for the success of their second attempt at a record. I can only hope that Brion this time will help propell what have in the past been uninspring compositions to a new place. This is a very interesting video, and its great to hear Brion and Mehldau explaining their history and how they hooked up. It’s especially great to hear Brion, who, although a ridiculously versatile musician and experienced in a wide array of genres, is not known for doing much work in the jazz field, muse about the place he thinks Mehldau holds in music today. He is a very eloquent man.

The record is slated for a March 16th release.

And in other Mehldau news…

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