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15 Months Later…

Clearly this blog has been neglected, but I would argue for good reason…

For the last 15 months i’ve been working hard on recording and producing my debut album Five Colors

Hopefully this will mean I will emerge once again here to post, but in the meantime here are the details:

Featuring Sullivan Fortner, Christopher Mees, Alex Ritz, Kassa Overall, Danny Fisher-Lochhead and many others in support.

Stream and/or purchase the album here:

Check out more details here, including pictures, outtakes and videos from the sessions:

And feel free to comment here if you’re so inclined!

New Music…

about 3 years too late. Radiohead made the stems of their track “Nude”, from In Rainbows, available as part of a remix contest about 3 years ago. People uploaded their remixes to their website and people voted. I did not participate in the contest, although I did download the stems and finally I got around to making a remix. This is 99% done; I just need to fix some rendering issues.

An old original…


France, 1917

Some new music

A “remix”, sort of, by yours truly.

Missing (Sane Truth remix)


Sahib Shihab 5,Copenhagen 1966

New Beginnings call for New Beginnings…

New Beginnings