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My other blog…

I’ve been slow on here, and it’s mainly because I’m working on an album. I thought it would be a nice idea to document the process, so i’ve been doing that over at

The fact that the name is the same was an attempt at making it sort of a ‘sister site’, but I realize now it’s causing some confusion. Regardless, I will be updating here, perhaps a little less, but also updating over there. So if you’re interested, take a look!

PLEASE, someone help AMG…

I’ve been silent long enough: someone desperately needs to redesign!

It is by far the clunkiest, ugliest, and overall worst website I’ve ever used. Pages take forever to load, links are dead or go to the wrong places, and half of the website is full of incomplete, incorrect or outdated information. In addition, the advertising is extremely intrusive, and sometimes blocks links i’m trying to click on.

Now, that isn’t to say that everything of what does is horrible. After all, they have the most comprehensive collection of discographies I have ever seen, and it is the only place online that I have found other than that has even the most obscure recordings noted and reviewed. I even went through’s discography of the legendary trumpet player Marcus Belgrave, who has been recording in and out of Detroit since the early 50’s, with the man himself, and he was amazed to see some of the recordings they had details for.

However, the site needs a serious overhaul. The last time they did any sort of redesign was almost 10 years ago, and for some reason they seem to think an outdated and clunky design is preferable to a modern, stripped-down one. Imagine a wikipedia-style They currently handle a fraction of the data that wikipedia does, but still the site barely works.

I can only assume they would increase their traffic if they simplified things a little bit. I, for one, would certainly frequent the site a little more, if not just because of a lack of frustration.