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Standard Time ~~ I Should Care

Johnny Hartman and Oliver Nelson - I Love Everybody (1966)“I Should Care” was written by Axel Stordhal, Paul Weston and Sammy Cahn. Unlike many standards from the 40’s era, “I Should Care” was not written as part of a musical, but retains the same characteristics as other Great American Songbook standards. Originally written as a ballad, this is the form that the song has most often taken and that best reflects Cahn’s lyrics. Johnny Hartman recorded a great version on his album I Love Everybody in 1966, with an arrangement by the great Oliver Nelson:

The song has also been performed succesfully as an uptempo number. This recording by Bill Evans clearly exemplifies the versatility of the song, and is one of my favorite Evans’ recordings:

“I Should Care” has had somewhat of a resurgence in recent times, further showing it’s timelessness. Check out these modern versions:

Carolyn Leonhart is a young singer who, aside from her own jazz endeavors, has sang backup for Steely Dan since the early 90’s.

And we all know Amy Winehouse, who sounds quite wonderful here: